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Our company specializes in deep processing of tomato paste products, and it is a company of planting, producing, trading, research and developing and investment of tomatoes. Our company has 20-year history of production and marketing, whose products are sold more than 80 countries and areas.

The main business we do is the processing of tomatoes as well as other vegetables and fruits, and we can produce 20,000 tons tomato paste (36-38%CB;30-32%HB;28-30%HB;28-30%CB),  3,000 tons Chili paste and apricot puree, besides, we can also produce 2,000 tons small packing of tomato paste(70g-4.5kg), The main countries our products are exported to include Japan、 South Korea、Southeast Asia、Russia、Europe、Middle East、Africa and so on.

Our tin factory in located in Tianjin port, which can provide all kinds of tinplate packing, lids and Color printing iron. All of these products are mainly sold to Italy、Russia、Africa and so on.

The canned tomato paste packing machine that we invest in mainly provides various small packing tomato paste machines and its supporting equipment. All of them are turnkey projects. And meantime we can also provide instalment: maintenance, establishment of lab, technical training and production instruction. Exported to Russia、Ghana and Cameroon.

We participate actively in the world’s development of tomato paste, principled on the “quality is the top priority”, trying hard to improve the status and influence of China’s tomatoes in World’s tomato industry to provide more healthy and delicious tomato products to the public.

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