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Safety Management
Raw Material Base
Our factory is located in Xinan town, Shihezi city, Xinjiang province, which is 200 kilometers away from Urumchi. Xinjiang is the world’s third most famous producer of tomatoes, while Shihezi, the core producing area of tomatoes, now owns 20,000 mu raw material base of tomatoes.
The soil here is rich without any pollution. And the average content of soil organic matter is between 11.28-13.43g/kg. It is a place with plenty water and long hours of sunshine. We introduced the new, excellent breeds, such as the HEGEL 87-5, 97-10, SHIFAN 27, 28,35, whose pulp is thick and its seeds is fewer. The content of lycopene is higher with more nutrient things in it.
The main model of company is the win-win situation among enterprise, base and farmers, making sure the quality of materials by means of years of planting experience as well as scientific management tools. During the plantation, we strictly follow the regulations of Standard for Control of Agricultural Residues in Raw Material Planting Base of Tomato Products for Export ,and Record of Agricultural Management Activities in Xinjiang Export Food Planting Base. We manage the quality from the source to make sure to provide excellent and natural raw materials of tomatoes.

Production Technology
Our company owes two world-class advanced tomato paste production lines, one is for hot break, and the other is cold break. Therefore we can produce the 36-38°Brix cold break tomato paste according to the demands of customers, whose viscosity ranges from 7~9cm/30s(12.5Brix), and we can also produce the  28-30°Brix and 30-32°Brix hot break tomato paste according to the demands of customers, whose viscosity ranges from 3~5cm/30s(12.5Brix)

Quality Certification
We have established the safety control system of the whole industry, guaranteeing that the food safety is controllable from the source. We pay attention to the quality of our products in order to provide the good, safe and healthy products.
The certificates we have gained are ISO9001, HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER, BRC, JSC, EC, USDA.

The Marketing service
The business department of our company has 10-year business experience and advantages, which can provide services like sea transportation, railway transportation, booking the vessels and delivery. We can meet the demand of foreign customers by providing professional logistic service to make sure that the goods will be dispatched in time safely.

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